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    Did you know that SWAT follows the current format of the Selective High School and OC Placement Tests?


Eric Rong

Combined with North Shore’s expertly developed tuition programs, SWAT is by far the best way to prepare for the OC, Selective and Scholarship exams. It is no wonder they boast so many success stories!

-Eric Rong (ex-student North Shore Coaching College, achieved highest recorded score of 296.06 in Selective High School Placement Test)

Year 5 student

I liked the alphabetical order that made it easy to find your seat in the hall. We also liked the invigilator. The staff were extremely friendly and were always there to help. I thoroughly enjoyed SWAT.

-Year 5 Student, SWAT 2019

James Brew

I am extraordinarily privileged to have had access to North Shore’s amazing teaching and rewarding programs. The hours of hard work have paid off with Selective School success and multiple scholarship offers.

-James Brew (awarded full scholarship commencing in 2019 at a prestigious Sydney private school)

SWAT 2020, held on 9 August, was a great success! For parents with children in Years 3-5 in 2021, Register your interest for next year's SWAT now.

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