What do the scholarships offer?

Top performers in SWAT will be offered scholarships to attend North Shore Coaching College for FREE. Scholarships vary in duration from one term to four terms. They can be used to enrol your child at any of our NSW campuses.

How many scholarships are available?

Up to 60 scholarships will be offered to students in Years 3-5, based on their performance in SWAT. Additional scholarships may be offered depending on student performance.

How are scholarships awarded?

Scholarships will be awarded to the students who receive the most outstanding results in SWAT in all three year levels. 

When will scholarships be announced?

We will contact parents with scholarship offers after results have been released (approximately 2 weeks after the SWAT exam). Scholarship recipients and high achieving students will be invited to the Annual North Shore Coaching College Presentation held in November.

SWAT 2020, held on 9 August, was a great success! For parents with children in Years 3-5 in 2021, Register your interest for next year's SWAT now.

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