About SWAT

(Selective Written Assessment Test)

What is SWAT?

The Selective Written Assessment Test, or SWAT, is a 4-hour examination experience that occurs annually and is aimed at helping Primary school students in Years 3, 4 and 5 prepare for the Opportunity Classes (OC), Selective High School Placement Test and Scholarship exams.

For Year 5 students, the SWAT exam tests Reading, Mathematical Reasoning, Thinking Skills and Writing (the Selective High School Placement Test format). For Year 3 and 4, the SWAT exam will include two papers, testing in English [Reading], Mathematics and General Ability (the OC Placement Test format).   

Why SWAT?  |  What are the benefits of my child sitting the SWAT exam?

Through North Shore Coaching College’s 29 years of educational experience, we have found that practising sitting an examination with hundreds of other students in a large hall test environment reduces test anxiety and improves performance when it comes to the ‘real deal’ (OC/Selective/Scholarship exams).

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there are now 4 smaller venues across Sydney hosting SWAT 2020, with the same proven benefits of sitting for a comprehensive standardised examination experience.

At just $68 per student, SWAT is the most affordable ‘big exam experience’ for Primary school students currently available. We also pride ourselves on creating expertly-developed academic content, with the SWAT papers following the current format of the OC and Selective High School Placement Test.

Also included in the cost of your SWAT ticket is entry into gaining a scholarship to study at North Shore Coaching College (‘Young Achiever’ and ‘High Achiever’ courses) . There are up to 60 scholarships on offer. 

How are SWAT results reported?

All SWAT candidates will receive an accurate and detailed assessment in the form of a report emailed to parents 2 weeks after the SWAT exam. The Year 5 reports will detail students’ abilities, their relative performance to other students and their likely performance in the actual Selective High School Placement Test, as the SWAT profile score is a scaled mark out of 300, which is the same format as the Selective High School Placement Test.

The Year 3 and 4 reports will detail students’ abilities and their relative performance to other students.

SWAT 2020, held on 9 August, was a great success! For parents with children in Years 3-5 in 2021, Register your interest for next year's SWAT now.

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