Thank you to everyone who attended SWAT 2019! Stay tuned for more information on SWAT 2020.

For Students

Here are some tips for time management in the Selective High School Placement Test (applicable for students in Year 4 and 5):

  • There are 60 questions in the General Ability section, 45 questions in Reading and 40 questions in Mathematics. You have 40 minutes for each of these sections. You have 20 minutes for the Writing section.
  • Allow about one minute for each exam question in Mathematics.
  • Allow about two minutes for three exam questions in General Ability.
  • Allow about 30 seconds for each question in Reading, not including the time it takes to read the passages. Read the questions associated with the passage.
  • Check you are on time at the 20-minute and 30-minute mark.
  • If you are spending too much time on one question, mark it with a circle or asterisk in the question paper, fill in the bubble on the answer sheet, and move on.
  • If there is less than one minute left and you have not completed all the questions, fill in all the bubbles for the remaining questions. Never leave any questions blank; 25% chance is better than 0% chance!
  • If you finish all the questions and have time remaining, go back to any questions you circled and look at them again.

... and a couple of DO's and DONT's:



  • Get a good night’s sleep, have a nutritious breakfast on the day and arrive at the test centre early
  • Cram, skip breakfast, or be late
  • Stay calm and level-headed. Take deep breaths, drink water, and go into the exam room feeling confident.
  • Panic. You have prepared well; the best thing to do now is to remain calm and focused.
  • Focus on the questions and answers, and check you are filling in the bubble for the right question.
  • Try to find ‘patterns’ in the multiple choice bubbles.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for each section e.g. get into a ‘writing’ mindset
  • Worry about how you performed in the last section once it’s over.