Thank you to everyone who attended SWAT 2019! Stay tuned for more information on SWAT 2020.

Test Information


For Years 4 and 5, SWAT follows the current format of the Selective High School Placement Test, which consists of a 20-minute writing test and three 40-minute multiple-choice tests in:

  • English (Reading) (45 questions)
  • Mathematics (40 questions)
  • General Ability (60 questions)

No marks are taken off for incorrect answers in the multiple-choice tests.

Students are given a stimulus for the writing test, it will be in the form of an image, statement, heading, narrative or question. Three pages are provided for students to respond to the writing stimulus. Assessment for the writing test is based on:

  • Appropriateness to the stimulus topic. No marks will be awarded if the writing is not based on the topic
  • Quality of thinking about a topic
  • Clear organisation of ideas
  • Interesting and imaginative ideas
  • Use of language
  • Correct use of punctuation, grammar and spelling

Note: No marks will be awarded if the writing shares major similarities with other published works.

For Year 3, SWAT follows the current format of the OC Test; testing in English (Reading), Mathematics and General Ability, plus Writing.   

     Time Schedule (Students)
    1:00pm Students arrive at ICC Sydney
    1:30pm All students seated in exam hall
    1:45pm Welcome to candidates
    2:00pm SWAT exam commences 
    3:25pm Break [20 min]. Students will leave exam hall
    3:45pm Return to exam hall
    5:10pm Collection of papers
    5:30pm Students are dismissed from the exam hall
    Note: At no time will parents be permitted to enter the exam hall.